What my students are saying


"Alison is our savior!  We contacted her for emergency dance lessons 5 days before our wedding (yes, 5 DAYS) - my (new) husband had never set foot in a studio before and yet by our first dance, we were moving in an elegant foxtrot and had a fun, simple routine to follow.  I appreciate not only her care and attention, but also the way she breaks down the steps into manageable bites and ties her students' other experience to dance.  For example, my husband used to do martial arts - she could tell by the way he moved - and thus explained how to do a rock step in the context of a roundhouse kick.  Who does that? :) She clearly has amazing command of kinesiology and form and knows exactly how to coach you to improve.  And Alison does it all in a positive, fun and energetic way.  I highly recommend her and we'll be back for more."   Jill B.


"This is one of the few yelp reviews I have bothered to submit-even though it is against my own self interest to give her a huge rave as it will only make it harder for me to get a lesson slot.  But ... have to say Alison is one of the best teachers I have had for anything--and would definitely recommend her as a dance teacher. After several mediocre dance instructor experience--Alison is the real deal.  Lots of positive energy--focused on helping you learn based on your starting point, making sure you get the most of your lesson, and you leave having laughed and learned a lot."   Gary C.

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